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Cecil Peck LLC. - About Us

Cecil C. Peck the original owner and founder of the company incorporated it as Cecil C. Peck of Pennsylvania in 1946. During the thirty plus years under his leadership the company designed and built hundreds of custom machines and attachments. The company also applied for and received many patents during this period. Many of the welding machines that are considered standards in the industry today have not changed much from Cecil C. Peck's original designs.

     On January 2, 1981  James B. Stewart purchased the company from Orvall A. Strohl. Jim. who was Vice President at the time of the purchase started working with the company in 1955. During Jim Stewarts time of ownership the company continued to build the custom welders and presses but they also began to migrate toward larger projects as well. Some of these projects included several welding cells for Patriot missile launch canisters, welding cell for Navy vertical launch canisters, Hot water tank assembly and welding lines, Round Tapered pole Welding cell, Gantry Style Tram Rail Welder, Boiler wall panel welders, and last but not least Gantry Style Boom Tube Welders.

     In June of 2003 Jim Stewart retired and sold the company to the owners of D&L Machine Co. Inc., Charles Bell, Richard Gingo, and Gene Elliott. D&L had been manufacturing parts for the Cecil C. Peck Company for more than twenty years and had extensive experience in manufacturing and assembling machines. Cecil Peck LLC. continues in the same tradition as the Cecil C. Peck Company to design and build machines to perform to customer specifications and last as long or longer than the original Cecil C. Peck equipment.  With our many years of experience in the boom tube industry and the many improvements and proprietary features added to the original Gantry Style Boom Tube Welder Cecil Peck LLC. has become a leader in that industry.